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Hey there, I’m Joy, a nutritionist, lifelong learner of all things health and your healthy living cheerleader.

I help women who are proactive about their health yet struggle with structure and guidance to feel empowered and confident as they learn to incorporate better food choices and healthy living habits that work for them without the overwhelm, calorie counting or deprivation…because my life has been transformed from this process and it’s my joy to share what I’ve learned.

Kind Words From Others

“Working with Joy has been wonderful, enlightening and life-changing. As a mom of 6, I thought I knew everything when it came my to my kids nutrition. Wow, did I learn a lot! She gave me the confidence I needed as well as the knowledge to maintain a healthy daily routine. I can’t thank Joy enough for her kindness and understanding. I have a busy schedule and habits that I thought would be hard to break. She helped me make many positive changes that benefit my entire family. Thank you so much Joy! I am forever grateful.”

Lara T.

“Clean Eating Alchemy is amazing. It’s easy to follow with many options so I didn’t feel hungry or deprived. I noticed I had a lot more energy, especially at the end of the day. I learned that refined sugars have a very negative impact on my system and have been able to reduce my intake considerably. I have also integrated some of the recipes and meal suggestions into my regular diet. I feel much better and have lost weight”

Dina P.

I hadn’t even realized how bloated I’d gotten until I just couldn’t  bend over without praying my pants wouldn’t split. After working with Joy and doing her program, I lost 12 pounds and feel like I’m 10 years younger. My pants fit again and I have way more energy than before. Since my schedule is pretty hectic, the handouts really helped to make the program easy to follow with quick reference so I knew what foods to buy and what to eat. With the fear of pants-splitting behind me, I’m looking forward to maintaining my new energy and weight without worry or struggle since the changes I made were simple life choices and I still get to enjoy what I eat. Thanks Joy!”

Thomas B.

“Working with Joy has given me a deep self awareness of how food impacts my body, mood, energy and other aspects of life. I’ve learned how to listen to my body and tweak my diet to eat what’s right for me. Each time I hit an obstacle, Joy was so supportive. She provided not only great encouragement, but suggested small steps that at the end of our time together resulted in a big impact. I highly recommend working with her.”

Nikki B.

“Like all great healers and health professionals should, Joy not only loves her work, but lives her work. Since eliminating nervous food habits; I’ve started slowing down my meals and being more selective about what I eat. I don’t have that useless flab and I’m actually losing weight.”

Gregory S.

“Before working with Joy, I would stare into the fridge hungry, not knowing what to eat because I wasn’t sure what was “right” anymore. Since we’ve been working together, I have a better knowledge base to guide me to healthier options and that confidence has greatly improved my mood. Joy’s handouts really helped me get started and I liked that we could talk through the pros and cons of anything I was thinking of buying. I also appreciated her patience with my pickiness and complete ignorance about food. Her guidance and kind words were so helpful when I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Her passion for getting people on the right track really shines through. Thank you!”

Araina L.

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